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Kingry Cargo Van

Kingo Chiller & Freezer Van

Kingry cargo van is designed with scientific layout space. The cargo capacity can reach 6.8m3, enabling you to create more value.

Technical Specifications
Length×Width×Height (mm) (Outside) 5310×1705×2050/2185
(Inner) 2920×1540 ×1360/1510
Load Capacity (m3) 6/6.8
Wheelbase (mm) 3350
Load Weight (kg) 1100, 1030, 495, 425
Seat No. 2
Curb Weight (kg) 1935, 1960
Body Structure Monocoque body
Engine V22
Displacement (L) 2.237
Max Power (kW/rpm) 82/4600
Max Torque (N·m/rpm) 198/2400-3600
Transmission 5MT
Suspension Front double wishbone independent suspension,
rear leaf spring non-independent suspension
Brake System Front disc/rear drum
Assistant Braking System ABS+EBD
Tyre 195R15LT
Windows Blind windows for cargo cabin
Audio system Radio+USD+SD Card Slot
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